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Kitchen Durham have the biggest variety of kitchens available to you at the lowest price possible

When you book a kitchen design consultation with Kitchen Durham, you get trained and experienced designers right to your home. Our kitchen designers have your family life in mind when working with you to plan and build your perfect kitchen.

We understand that financial constraints impact big decisions like a new kitchen, which is we work WITH you to plan, build and install your new kitchen at the lowest price possible. We cut out many middlemen by shipping in our own high quality kitchen materials, like Granite Worktops and Solid Wood Cabinets. Slicing the costs that our near

Deposit Information

Kitchen Durham operates a very straightforward payment protection scheme that provides the ultimate guarantee of your complete satisfaction, which is unmatched in the industry.

We ask for a small deposit as confirmation of your order - this is typically as low as £100 - after which we require no further payment until satisfactory delivery and inspection of the goods has been achieved.

When delivery is completed, we ask that you satisfy yourself that all the items ordered have been received, that they are in good condition and not damaged, and that all the goods have been supplied in the colours or finishes that you requested.

Final payment will not be requested until you have checked that the delivered items meet your expectations and are of satisfactory quality.

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